Where & How To Sell an iPhone



Wondering where to sell your iPhone? You have come to the right place. At TradeInSpot we believe in making selling your iPhone a quick, simple, and rewarding process. Just follow this guide, Where & How To Sell an iPhone and you will be on your way to selling your iPhone. Ready to sell now? Click here to sell your iPhone today!

Determine Your iPhone Model
The iPhone model number is listed on the back lower part of your iPhone. Currently the following models exist:
Model A1203 - Apple iPhone 2G > Sell iPhone 2G
Model A1241 - Apple iPhone 3G > Sell iPhone 3G
Model A1303 - Apple iPhone 3GS > Sell iPhone 3GS
Model A1332 - Apple iPhone 4 AT&T > Sell iPhone 4 AT&T
Model A1349 - Apple iPhone 4 Verizon > Sell iPhone 4 Verizon
Model A1387 - Apple iPhone 4S > Sell iPhone 4S
Once you have determined which iPhone model you have, the next step is to determine your iPhone's capacity
From your iPhone home screen simply go to Settings > General > About
Next to "Capacity" you will see a value. Your iPhone will show a smaller capacity then the actual total. This is due to a certain amount of memory being used for the system. Simply round the number you see to the nearest capacity (8gb, 16gb, 32gb. 64gb)
You are all set to begin selling your iPhone. Click here to sell your iPhone today!
Evaluating Your iPhone Functionality and Condition
At TradeInSpot we make the process of evaluating your iPhone a simple 2 question process.
First, we would like to know if your iPhone is fully functional. This would include a working screen, touchscreen, audio, headset jack, buttons, charging, camera.
Next, we would like to know about the physical condition of your iPhone. Does it have any cracks? Is anything physicaly broken?
Once you have evaluated these two aspects of your iPhone, you can accurately answer the evaluation questions and receive your instant trade-in quote.
Backing Up Your iPhone
Backing up your iPhone is a great way to preserve your data, apps, and settings when upgrading to a new iPhone.
- Plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes
- In iTunes in the left hand panel you will see your iPhone displayed
- Right click on your iPhone and click "Back up"
Once iTunes completes your back up, you will be notified. You will have the backup available in your iTunes library for later use
Erasing Your Data From Your iPhone
Before erasing your iPhone, be sure you have backed up your data!
From your iPhone home screen go to Settings > General > Reset. Then select Erase All Content and Settings
Your phone will reboot and perform the erasing function.
If you forget to erase your data, rest assured we will perform the data wipe during our inspection process. We give a 110% guarantee that your data will be professionally cleared. Your privacy is our #1 priority!
Packaging and Shipping Your iPhone
Shipping is FREE, we provide your with a Pre-paid shipping label once you submit the trade-in.
To package the phone, simply grab an old small box. If you don't have one, you can purchase one at your local Post Office or UPS Store. If you have bubble wrap, wrap your iPhone in bubble wrap and place inside the box. If you don't, not to worry, you can use some old newspaper. Crumple some newspaper and place the iPhone inside the box surrounding it from all sides with the newspaper. Tape the box, affix the label, and drop it off at the Post Office or UPS Store (depending on your shipping label)
Please note: Your iPhone charger and box are not required to receive the full trade-in value. If you would like to get rid of these items, feel free to include them in your shipment.

If you have feedback about our Where & How To Sell an iPhone Guide, please contact us: info@tradeinspot.com

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